Every pin we've ever made. All in one place.

At Super Pintendo, we make some of the coolest video game pins on planet Earth. Take a look at the ever growing database in its entirety. Have you managed to collect them all?




Where it all begins. While not technically required, the starter sets greatly enhance your Super Pintendo collecting experience. It's the lifeblood that holds the entire concept together. With 4 interchangeable parts, it's truly the most dynamic enamel pin set on the market. Change out the controllers, change out the game, make your pin display your own. With hundreds of combinations, make the Super Pintendo as dynamic and unique and you. 

Starter Set v1.0 


Left  & Right Pintendo Controllers


Super Pintendo Console - Light Version


1-2-PINTENDO! | Game



This is where things get really fun. Adding games to your Super Pintendo collection is what it's all about. Display them as inserts on the starter sets or on their own, the choice is yours!


01 1-2-PINTENDO!

More Games Coming Soon...