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The year was 2019. The idea was simple - to create a pin trading brand unlike anything the gaming community had ever seen before. Gone would be the days of boring stock images turned into enamel pins. No, instead a company would be born that would turn video game pin collecting into an art form - quite literally. To accomplish such an endeavor, we knew we had to think outside the box. 

The Super Pintendo is born

In early 2020, Super Pintendo came to life through its unique starter set. With the simple idea of having a single pin set with interchangeable parts, collectors could pick and choose how they displayed their collection and constantly see it refreshed as new interchangeable pins were released. 

But everything changed when COVID-19 attacked.

Okay. We can probably skip over this part. 2020 wasn't a fun year for anyone, and it was an unfortunate year for Super Pintendo to try and launch. When the world went into lockdown we were left with our first batch of really, really cool gaming pins - but nowhere to sell them.

Initially we planned to launch Super Pintendo on KickStarter in 2020. With the way things took a turn, we decided to hold off. Luck would have it that we would have to wait 2 years before things started to look a bit more optimistic for Super Pintendo. As the world slowly started returning to normal, things would simultaneously never be the same. 

The company behind Super Pintendo, Comic Controllers, launched its first retail location in the summer of 2020, putting Super Pintendo on the back burner for the time being. Finances and priorities changed, as did the vision for Super Pintendo over time, but the passion to bring this project to life never wavered. 

In the summer of 2022, Super Pintendo launched on KickStarter with renewed vigor. Not only would backers be able to get their hands on the Starter Set, they would also help launch the first five pins in the new Super Pintendo line called "Controllers with Character". 


The first controller pin!

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